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Rails for Beginners Part 9: URL Helpers and link_to Discussion

It's there an easy way to mark current page in navigation?


Hi, did you find a way to do this ?


Hi, sadly no. I have to use a gem


Just set up and used, you are awesome.

one trick that helped: setting active: :exclusive so that my Home page did not stay active when on about (or every other page)

          <%= active_link_to "Home", root_path, class: "nav-link", active: :exclusive %>

<%= link_to("Home", root_path, class: "nav-link #{'active' if current_page?(root_path)}") %>


Hey Chris!
<a class="navbar-brand" href="/">Navbar</a>
<%= link_to "Navbar", root_path, class: "navbar-brand" %>

with those two lines of code there should be 2 active "Navbar" buttons, those lines are interchangeabale. Somehow after you wrote them you have only 1 button active and I have 2. Is it me or you cut one of those?


Oh! I've watched for few seconds more and there is no the first line in the code. That was a bit confusing :')


You can also visit localhost:3000/rails/info/routes if you want to view the route list in the browser.

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