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Rails for Beginners Part 29: Tweets Index & New Actions Discussion

At around 6:30 where you add the /auth/twitter/ link, the method: needs to be added as a :post correct, for OAuth 2.0?

I agree. Mine just works with "method: :post" added.

<% if Current.user.twitter_accounts.none? %>
<%= link_to "Connect your Twitter Account", "/auth/twitter",method: :post, class: "btn btn-primary" %>
<% end %>


I set an alias for the auth/twitter path like so:

post 'auth/twitter', as: 'connect_twitter_account'

It's working but do you think it is ok to do so or is it a bad idea to mix this route, provided by omniauth, with the one we define ourselves?

I do not know Alex, because I am new at rails , but I think for now it is a good idea.

I think that looks good, what I would suggest is auth_twitter_account instead of connect_twitter_account.


having this error now SQLite3::ConstraintException: FOREIGN KEY constraint failed

How to fix it?

Checkout the video 39 (

Go in the file twitter_account.rb and replace:
has_many :tweets

has_many :tweets, dependent: :destroy


This course is gold! I'm definitely subscribing after I finish it.

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