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Rails changing HTML tag possiton (?)

Nelson asked in General

Im using AdminLTE 2 to build a small dashboard and everything was working nicely until I started adding links to the controllers on my sidebar.

On first loading the dashboard everything works as expected (dropdowns, sidebars, etc) on going to another controller (/employee) the functionality of these names components its just not there, but the console logs no errors, on clicking on the menu to go back to the Dashboard the problem persists. The only way of bringing the missing functionality back is to refresh the page.

I did a DiffCheck of the dashboard index on first load (everything works) and then once I'm back from any controller (functionality missing) and there is some tags changing in possition and others just completely change its attributes. See pictures:


Nevermind... after a few hours of debugging I manage to find the source of my suffering... it was Turbolinks... I removed that and now thinks are back on track...

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