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Portfolio responsive view not rendering on mobile Chrome; Safari

CSS • Asked by Linards Berzins
I was trying to figure out this Declaration dropped on a live webpage in the Console. It is all fine on the localhost, however after deploying to heroku, got this message. Any advice on that? portfolios page is the only one affected, rest are fine. 


Looks like you fixed the issue?

Actually not, the state of the solved action here is a bit misleading. Its really solved when a green border is around the question, here its not. 

Thank you for looking into this Jack. 

The problem still persists, the Portfolios page on mobile is just scaled down, not applying the Bootstrap responsive grid. As you can notice form the console, there are plenty of declarations  that are dropped. 


I am afraid something else is broken than, I see a pretty blank page on both Safari and Chrome.

Thank you Jack, will have to dig deeper.

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