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Persist file info after rails validation error

Alex Deering asked in General

Im working on my main form and have some form validations and running into an issue with a new form not maintaining the image upload after a validation error reloads the page. Here is my form-group for the image upload:

<div class="form-group">
          <%= form.label :image, "Recipe Photo" %>
          <div class="flex flex-row">
            <div class="w-full">
              <% if form.object.image.attached? %>
                <%= image_tag form.object.image, class: "w-full border rounded-lg self-center" %>
              <% end %>  
          <%= form.file_field :image, direct_upload: true, class: "form-control" %>

Because I'm using direct upload the image gets uploaded and still exists after the reload and displays the image with the image_tag in the above code. But when the form is resubmitted the connection in the active_storage tables isnt maintained. Is there a hidden field or something i can put to ensure it gets sent as a param the next time the form is submitted?

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