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Opening and closing a window to a new controller/view from a different controller/view

shakycode asked in General

I'm maintaining an app and need to add a pop-up window or modal that launches from the current view but loads a separate controller/view. So far I have a link_to setup to open the controller/view in a new window/tab. But I'd really like this in a modal or pop-up window that will open on link_to and then a button on the view to close the window.

Here's my code:


 <%= link_to 'Notes', call_notes_path(, :target => "_blank", :class => 'btn btn-warning btn-small' %>


    <% @notes.each do |n| %>
      <%= n.created_at.strftime("%m/%d/%y-%H:%M") %> <%= n.message %> posted by <%= n.user.username %></br>
    <% end %>

    <%= form_for @note, :url => url_for(:controller => 'notes', :action => 'create') do |f| %>
    <%= f.text_field :message %>
    <%= f.submit %>
    <% end %>


class NotesController < ApplicationController

  def index
    @call = Call.find(params[:call_id])
    @note =
    @notes = Call.find(params[:call_id]).notes.order('created_at asc')

  def create
    @call = Call.find(params[:call_id])
    @note =[:note])
    @note.user_id =

       redirect_to call_notes_path(@call), :notice => "Note has been posted to #{@call.incident_number}"
       flash.alert = "Note was not saved or no data entered."
       redirect_to call_notes_path(@call), :notice => "Note has was not posted"

I've done some research regarding modals, but all the solutions I've found want your view code to be included in the origin controller/view space. I want to be able to call the notes#index view from within a pop-up window or modal. Then add a link to close the window after notes are done being entered.

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