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Great tutorial as always chris.

In your repo, you have some code for a video embed custom Are you making a tutororial about that?

It would be great to figure out how to add things like a link dialog that retrives links from the site models, an image dialog that fetches from a media model etc so that ActionText could be used as a basis for things like CMS / eCommerce content editing rather than it's current focus, which seems to be comments systems.


Hi Chris,

I'm running into an issue around 2:00 into the video when attempting to access the post.body (ActionText::RichText):

ActionView::Template::Error (Devise could not find the Warden::Proxy instance on your request environment.)

Any ideas on how to resolve it?




Sorry, figured it out. I was using current_user in a rendered view.


Great video, Chris!


Amazing video, Chris!

Thank you and keep going strong :)


What about if you edit a comment, and add a 2nd mention? We might do after_save instead, but then we don't want to re-send an email to the person who was mentioned initially. How would you go about it?

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