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How to use Fixtures to create sample test data Discussion

Chris, thanks for all the great videos. These are super informative.

I have a question about fixtures and TDD in general.

Should I be creating a fixture for every potential variation in my model? If I've got a list of services associated with clients and statuses (active/inactive) for both the client and services, do I need to be creating fixtures for each possible variation of service type/service status/client status? How do you know when you're over engineering tests?

Thanks in advance.


I didn't realize fixtures populated the test database, that's cool


Fixture design in TDD can be a bit of an art. You don't necessarily need a fixture for every possible variation. Focus on essential scenarios and edge cases. If variations impact behavior significantly, create fixtures for them. It's about finding a balance between thorough testing and avoiding over-engineering. It's a judgment call, but don't hesitate to refine fixtures as your tests evolve. Happy coding!

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