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How to save ActionMailbox inbound HTML emails and attachments with ActionText and ActiveStorage Discussion

Firstly, thanks for this. It has been very useful and saved me a heck of a lot of time. I do have one specific question. In app/mailboxes/post.rb should line 11 not read:

  @_attachments ||= do |attachment|

As I read the code at the moment, the map loop in method attachments gets executed twice: once via the call to body to extract the embedded images etc and a second time directly from process. This in turn means that every attachment is saved twice in the database.


Hey Chris, Thanks for this screencast! There aren't a whole lot of Action Mailbox tutorials out there and this is one of the best.

One very minor improvement: When building ActiveStorage blobs out of attachments, you can simply use attachment.decoded instead of attachment.body.to_s, as seen in the mail readme :)


Thanks Chris! I put this into a concern to be able to reuse it across multiple mailboxes:

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