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How to Deploy Rails to Discussion

Great. Sets up Docker which I didn't want to get into, so that's a great help. Trying it. Looks like $7/month with a Postgres db.


but what diff between this and hatchbox ?


Can't help with that, but am looking more into It sets up the Docker automatically. I am having trouble deploying and have to dig further. With a Postgres db appears to be ⅓ the price of Heroku. If that is the case I might keep my three toy apps going.


PS. I'm not hurrying waiting for more tutorials and discussions. I've got a dozen tabs already opened to dig through.


Hi Chris! It would be also great to have an update on guides for deploying into VPS with Caddy intead of NGINX. Just forgetting about certs make it easier yet.



In order to demonstrate deployment of a Rails app on fly, we will create a new application, make a one line change that shows the splash screen even when run in production mode, and deploy the application.


Has anyone hit this problem: failed - Failed due to unhealthy allocations ?


Just trying to use rails new decisionmaker -j esbuild --css tailwind --database=postgresql and deploy as is and hit 20 2.356 sh: 1: yarn: not found
20 2.356 rails aborted!
20 2.356 jsbundling-rails: Command build failed, ensure yarn is installed and
yarn buildruns without errors
20 2.356 /app/vendor/bundle/ruby/3.1.0/gems/jsbundling-rails-1.0.3/lib/tasks/jsbundling/build.rake:5:in
block (2 levels) in


Anyone successfully deploy to with esbuild/tailwind like this?


did you try deploying using sqlite?

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