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how to create in db this hash with Model.create

sacko idriss asked in General

"livraisonlog"=>[{"vente_id"=>"3", "type_liv"=>"L", "produit_id"=>"57", "qte"=>"4.0"}, {"vente_id"=>"3", "type_liv"=>"L", "produit_id"=>"66", "qte"=>"5.0"}, {"vente_id"=>"3", "type_liv"=>"L", "produit_id"=>"114", "qte"=>"10.0"}, {"vente_id"=>"3", "type_liv"=>"L", "produit_id"=>"15", "qte"=>"4.0"}, {"vente_id"=>"3", "type_liv"=>"L", "produit_id"=>"18", "qte"=>"5.0"}, {"vente_id"=>"3", "type_liv"=>"L", "produit_id"=>"112", "qte"=>"4.0"}], "action"=>"livraison", "controller"=>"livraisonlogs", "vente_id"=>"3"}

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