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How to Create an Active Storage Previewer Discussion

Another great video! Would love to see you create a gem for this on screen. 
I would love to see you create a gem for this on screen.

Another thing I have been curious about is how you prep for each episode.

Perhaps you could do a meta-episode, where you show the episode and then after you show the prep that goes into that episode also? 

Just so that not are we learning, but we are learning new ways to learn by watching you prep to teach, if that makes sense?
Hi a great video yes ! 💪🏽
I currently also trying to figure out some solutions to make more sexy the edit and create view with active storage (minimagick included as GEM) . 
I was working for long time with attachinary and it was sexy to display thumbnail inside create and edit view . 
Do you have any advice about these template create and edit with active storage and minimagick ? thanks again

Hi, good video! How Can I previewer file kind docx, and doc. Because I'm trying tu save with activestorage but I don't know how validate and previewer to client. I'll appreciate your help, thank


Useful video,thanks

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