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How do I subscribe action cable receiver to a new stream without resetting the entire channel subscription?

Himanshu G. asked in General

I have an inbuilt chat service on my application. A signed in user will select another user to start a conversation with them. How can I send stream for this new conversation to the 2 users without making them refetch subscriptions?
The only way it works as of now is re-subscribing to the conversations channel (refreshing the page emulates this).

def subscribed 
 conversations = current_user.conversations
 conversations.each do |conversation|
  stream_from "conversations:#{}"

This is the subscribed function I have. Whenever a user creates a new conversation current_user.conversations will change but to stream from the new conversation the subscription needs to be reset. Any ideas on a workaround ?


I know it has been a year since this question was asked but I'd like to propose a solution (and get feedback eventually).

Note that your channel subscriptions are public, so with the following example somebody could do in the browser console:

App.thins.perform('add_new_thing_stream', { channel: 'whatever'})

and the user will be streaming fron 'whatever'
the ThingChannel#add_new_thing_stream here need more work to prevent users from streaming from whatever they want.

Here is the idea of how to do it (in a rails 5.2 app):

# thing_channel.rb
class ThingChannel < ApplicationCable::Channel
  def subscribe
    stream_from "new_things_for:#{}"
  def add_new_thing_stream(data)
    stream_from data['channel']

# when broadcasting
ActionCable.server.broadcast( "new_chat_rooms_for:#{}", datas....)
# thing.js
App.chatRoom = App.cable.subscriptions.create("ThingChannel", {
  received: function(data) {
    this.perform("add_new_thing_stream", { channel: } );

It's far from perfect but it do the job.

So if anybody has another solution or an opinion about this one, I'd be glad to see it :)

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