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How do I provide a file for downloading while ignoring timeouts

yoexle asked in General

I want to provide a file for downloading. The download is allways cancled after 60 seconds.

I'm hosting my Rails project (ruby '2.7.4', rails '6.1.0') on (docs.platform .sh/). Because of this I don't have much control over the underlying Nginx server.
When the download is cancled I receive the error ERROR -- : worker=0 PID:495 timeout (61s > 60s), killing

I tried to provide the file for downloading:

  • via Rubys 'send_file' method
  • via streaming the file in chunks of 1024 bytes ''
  • by placing the file in an /public folder and accessing the url of the file.

The result is always the same. The download is cancles after 60 seconds.

Has someone ever had a comparable error?
Is there something I can change in my Rails project or has it to do with the Nginx server

Best Regards


Downloading / emailing a file should be more so a background job so you don't block other processes (app) specially if its a large file.


oh right? Thanks for sharing!
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