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How do I import recurring_select in Rails 7?

jose Tomas anabalon asked in General

I add the gem in rails 7 and worked, the thing is, when I'm using it in the form, it doensn't pop up the modal, the js isn't working,
In application.js I imported like
import "recurring_select"

pin "recurring_select", to: "https...cdn.../npm/recurring-select@0.1.0/"

Does anybody knows how to make it work in rails 7?


Not helpful in your situation, but in case anyone else finds this, I'm using esbuild and require("./recurring_select/"); worked in my application.js

You will need to include coffeescript transpiler in your build process. Chris produced a helpful video about this if you are using esbuild:


Ever find a solution to this? Struggling to get this installed in rails 7.


This is not a solution and the code is bad, but since the NPM package is outdated as well as the ruby gem, it at least "works" in Rails 7:

Uses an updated version of the Ruby gem to Rails 7.0.4 and Ruby 3.2.2:

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