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How do I deploy Spree Commerce to Heroku?

wairaguedd asked in General

Who can direct me to a guide on how to deploy Spree Commerce to Heroku? I would really appreciate.


Hi, may I know what stage are you at right now with your application? Have you created a rails app following these instructions from the spree gem?

If you have, where are you stuck specifically for the deployment to heroku?


In any case, if you follow the instructions from spree gem, you should be able to create your rails app locally. Then, follow the instructions here to deploye to heroku:

It should not be hard to deploy to heroku. If you have more questions feel free to ask. Good luck. 😊


Thanks Sheng for the advice. I'm actually reconsidering heroku as the best option. I have developed a spree commerce site on aws cloud9 and I'm looking for resources on how to deploy to production on aws(it could be ec2/Elastic Beanstalk or whatever service you recommend). Do you have any resources that could guide me through this?


Good to know you have experience with Spree.

As for guides on how to deploy to production on AWS, for Elastic Beanstalk, maybe can take a look here ( For ec2, try this (

Generally, Spree and rails are relatively the same thing. So instead of searching for Spree + whatever services, try searching for rails + whatever services. You may have more luck there.


Thanks Sheng. This is very helpful.


i deployed spree on heroku, but i found out i can't clone it into a repo! How do i edit files and make changes?


i actually did deploy spree using deploy button not through git push

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