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How do I customize a Google Maps marker (like AirBNB)?

Taylor Cooney asked in General

I'm curious if anyone has experience customizing the marker in Google Maps, a la AirBNB . I understand how the icon works but I haven't had success replicating the marker with the arrow, and price exactly like the photo.

let marker = new google.maps.Marker({
        position: pos,
        icon: {
          path: 'M22-48h-44v43h16l6 5 6-5h16z',
          fillColor: '#00CCBB',
          fillOpacity: 1,
          strokeColor: '',
          strokeWeight: 0

        label: {
          text: "$75",
          color: "#FFF",
          fontSize: "14px",
          fontWeight: "bold"
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