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Help with using FFmpeg and Ruby Rails

TrevorGage asked in General

Hey all. I'm new to Ruby / Rails and I am doing a project where I need to upload a video into a Rails web app which would take screen shots, process them put them back together as a Gif or another file format. Ideally, I'd like this to be a web app where users can upload videos, have them be processed with various effects and be available for download or simply to see.

I feel like this all can be done using FFmpeg via the various gems that use it. My ignorance of coding (I'm a super newbie) is that I don't believe I can deploy web app that uses FFmpeg. To my understanding, the user would need to have FFmpeg installed on their computer in order for my web app to function as it is required for the code to work. Does anyone have any advice or work around or words of wisdom??

Thanks in advance!

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