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Going crazy with console / debugging issue

General • Asked by Dan Tappin

In development mode I want errors to hit the browser and specificly the 'better_errors' gem debuging pages.

Currently when I hit an issue my console just hangs and reports the error and the browser just stalls. This is making it impossible to debug.

Thought it was pry but that wasn't it. Any ideas where to start looking?

well if you can provide screenshots we would know more as to whats going on and can help.

I have narrowed this down here is my example:

In a view if I throw in some garbage code like this in my model / view / controller:

<% qwerty %>

The page fails and I get the better_errors page.

I had a typo in a validation and then the console would hang and report the error:

Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 21ms (ActiveRecord: 4.0ms | Allocations: 19494)

NoMethodError - undefined method `map' for nil:NilClass:
  app/controllers/expenditures_controller.rb:39:in `update'

I was seeing this before but can't recall enough to recreate this. I have never seen this before.

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