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Email Unsubscribe Links with ActionMailer in Rails Discussion

Hey Chris, is there any major difference between the newish Active record signed IDs in Rails 6.1 vs the Global ID signed IDs? A quick glance leads me to think the only real difference is that AR signed IDs can only be used for a single model, whereas signed global IDs can be used for any model, but wasn't sure if you knew about any other differences practically speaking. Great episode, this will help me reduce several extra DB columns I have for various one-time use tokens like password resets!


I'm utilizing a Gmail layout and there is no alternative to change the convention for that % {optout link} %. It just gives alternative web address and email address.



That's neat! Didn't know #to_sgid took a 'for' param, will come in handy for other things, have used it for reset password style functionality etc.




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Great video, super helpful for my current project!

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