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Create little (parse data, formatting and counting) project

General • Asked by Enterigo

Hello, friends. I am a total newbie in ruby, I want to try to do the following thing: create a program that will collect vacancies and monitor the number of repeated words from them.
The structure is something like this:

  1. Collect a list of all vacancies in the desired direction. Parse data like this - and write this list of results to the database(It is desirable to be able to enter any request for any vacancy and record in DB).
  2. Collect a description of all the vacancies at the right link(receive from the database a link to each vacancy from the list obtained above and extract from each text a description of the vacancy)
  3. Format each vacancy received, clear of punctuation, special characters, translate into lower case. Having received as a result a huge array of all words
  4. Сount how many times each word occurs. So we can get the following example: Vacancy "museum curator" Word "history" - "n" times

I would be very grateful to those who will spend their time prompting where to start, how to act, what gems to use, what sequence of actions to choose, if you know - a ready-made example of this or that action.

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