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Compare two active record results along just one column

Michael Victor asked in General

I have 3 models - Items, Customizations and Property Maps

Property Maps has a polymorphic association with Items and Customizations

The business logic here is, when listing customizations properties -

If the customization does not have any properties, display the item properties in a normal cell
If the customization has properties that are different from the item, display the list of properties in a "customized-cell" class
If the customization has the same properties as that of the item, display the list of properties in a normal cell.
If both, the customization and item have no customization, display a blank cell.
This is my current implementation of the above

- item_array =
- @item.property_maps.wood_only.each do |property|
    - item_array.push(property.property_id)
- customization_array =
- customization.property_maps.wood_only.each do ||
    - customization_array.push(property.property_id)
- if customization.property_maps.wood_only.present? && item_array.sort != customization_array.sort
    td.customized-cell = {|property| "#{}"}.join(', ')
- elsif @item.property_maps.wood_only.present?
                td = {|property| "#{}"}.join(', ')
            - else 

Is there a way where I can compare the results across a column directly from Active Record? This would save the need for me create new arrays and then compare them.

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