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Category filter implementation (perhaps with search)

Sean M asked in General

Hi Chris!

At the moment I have product and industry models with has_many :through associations, and would like to list the products based on the industries. I'd like to create a category (in my case industry) filter kinda like in gorails ( on the screencasts page or like the rocketclub ( implementation.

I guess rocketclub is using AJAX version and you seem to be using turbolinks. What I also realized that your version has the tagged search query in the address bar. Could you tell me the basic differences between the 2 solutions and which approach I should take (in terms of pros/cons, time, etc.)? I couldn't find any really good tuts on this topic, so if you know some, pls share with me!

Btw., what kind of search gem you use for searching in the gorails app?

Thanks a lot,

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