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Building an enterprise app that has revision control similar to github (any gem that does something similar to this?)

Masud Hossain asked in General

I'm looking to create a webapp that lets users upload and save files similar to github (except no terminal usage. Users upload through the website) and have version control so they can retrieve previous files.

So basically they can 'push/upload' a folder on the site, and it'll make the previous version go into 'storage' in case they need to retrieve it and show the new version as the main version.

Is there any gems or videos on this site that can teach me more about this revision control feature?


I also found one called

My only concern with Vestal Version from the Railscast is that it hasn't been updated since 2014, so I'm not sure how it'll work with rails 5.0.
And also my users will be uploading files, so that kind of becomes an issue too since it looks like it's mostly for EDITS.

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