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Building a product in under 10 minutes with Jumpstart Pro Discussion

Congrats on the 300th episode! 馃帀

Jumpstart Pro looks great!

I'm glad for this pro template . Does it come with your threaded comments?

I will buy just for the Stripe management :-)

  1. Does Jumpstart handle plan upgrades and downgrades?
  2. Does Jumpstart send invoices via email or do I have to set webhooks for that?
  3. Does Jumpstart allows users to manage payment methods (change credit card)?
  4. Does Jumpstart handles account cancellation on payment failure?

Just want to know how much work it will save me on the Stripe stuff :-)

Great questions! I'd like to know too 馃憤

I'm also interested in this.

I have another question also, if I were to buy the $149, plan would you be able to pro-rate it for the unlimited plan if I wanted to use it for more sites in the future?

@Edmundo Ramirez-Semprit - Chris just saved you a lot of time!!!

Jumpstart uses the pay pay gem & receipts gem to handle payments and billing. Setting up stripe was so easy!! Add stripe creds and add a plan using the plan stripe id. Chris has done a great job making payment setup really easy.

You can add the available endpoint to Stripe to have it process activity from your account.

You can update your payment details and cancel your subscription within the users dashboard.

Pretty sure Jumpstart sends a receipt via email automatically.

I just bought JumpStart-Pro over the weekend and started working with it. I definitely recommend it. My only regret is that I didn't have this template before.

My congratulation to Chris and partners in this project. This is a great contribution to the Ruby On Rails community.

Best regards,


Great job guys I just purchased the pro version. Any idea on when the API feature will be available?


Does it only have a template for a video website?


Chris just used Videos as an example. You can generate whatever you like.

Amazing free template. Just amazing.

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