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Beginner Tutorial in Rails6.0

Christopher Slade asked in General

I am a CS Professor who teaches a web application class in Rails. I created a series of videos for my class. I want to make them publically avaliable for free. (I do not receive money on YouTube for views either.) The are done using the latest version of Rails. A lot of tutorials out there are old, meaning they still use rake. I wanted to make a series that uses the latest version of Rails, so it wouldn't trip up any beginners when slight chagnes are needed in the current version of Rails.

I hope it is okay to post these videos here to help the Rails community. If not, feel free to delete my post. My videos start with learning the scaffold, then move on to creating a resource without the scaffold, then assocaitions, authentication, and finish with testing.

Here is a link to my playlist with all of the videos.




Thank you very much Christopher!


Thank you for sharing ur resource :) Helps junior devs like me a lot!

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