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Air Quality Monitoring with Ruby, a Raspberry PI & PMS5003 Sensor Discussion

Awesome! I really enjoyed this episode. I'd like to see more episodes like this. Looking forward to the next one.


This was very cool Chris! Would love to see an episode "before" this one for beginners to IOT/Raspberry PI, as I mostly understood the code and what you were doing, but I wouldn't be able to get to that starting point without a ton of independent research, and you could probably get me there in a short episode :)


Awesome, thanks! Really hoping to see a lot more IoT experiments :)


Awesome! Pretty cool. As Jason mentioned if you can have a video showing which Raspberry PI to use and how to connect a Raspberry PI to system to write code that would be great. Also please put links to the products (Raspberry Pi and Sensor) so that it will be easy for us to buy.

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