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Geo-spatial Search with Searchkick and ElasticSearch Discussion

thank you so much, cant wait for the next episode :)


Great video Chris! I'm loving this series!


Very helpful, Chris. Do you have a suggestion for a simple way of extracting the distance from origin from the ES search results and displaying it with the item info in the view? Based on some Googling it seems harder than expected, and wanted your take on it.

HEy Chris do you know a way to configure rspec with rails 4 

for the first time I go for premium on those tutorial website and I feel that I invested my money on content that is really worth my money.

looking to learn more and more from you.

thank you for everything Chris


Got a reindex issue as: Searchkick::MissingIndexError (Index missing - run ThreeDGarment.reindex):
resolved it using the following command: rails searchkick:reindex CLASS=ThreeDGarment

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