Your First Ruby Gem

October 24, 2022

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Your Teacher

Collin Jilbert

Ruby on Rails Developer | Lover of Music | Skateboarder | Proud Papa | Co-editor @therubyradar | Launched @fleur_de_ruby

About This Episode

In this episode, we will create our first Ruby Gem. It will be a very simplified gem that adds a method to the built-in Ruby Array class. The goal is to understand the core pieces of what is needed to create a gem that we can share with the community.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are planning to build along with the video and publish the gem, you will need to use a different gem name as parity_prop is already published to RubyGems. In such a small gem this is a pretty simple task, simple rename every call to parity_prop within the code/ file structure to the gem name that you have chosen as a replacement. This illustrates a good initial step to take before starting to work on your gem, think of a name for your project and make sure that it is available on RubyGems.
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