Ruby's Array() and Array.wrap

#305 ยท July 30, 2019

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About This Episode

Learn how to remove conditionals and make your code simpler and more reliable using Ruby and ActiveSupport's Array wrap methods


Array([1,2,3]) #=> [1,2,3]
Array(1) #=> [1]
Array(nil) #=> []
Array(a: 1, b: 2) #=> [[:a, 1], [:b, 2]]
require 'active_support/all'

Array.wrap([1,2,3]) #=> [1,2,3]
Array.wrap(1) #=> [1]
Array.wrap(nil) #=> []
Array.wrap(a: 1, b: 2) #=> [{a: 1, b: 2}]
def sum(numbers)
  Array.wrap(numbers).inject(0, :+)

p sum([1,2,3]) #=> 6
p sum(1) #=> 1
p sum(nil) #=> 0

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