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Posted in Facebook Profile Image & Data using Devise in Rails

I'm just starting to learn Rails so please forgive the dumb question. In my web app, I was able to set up devise successfully and then link it Facebook using Omni-auth gem. However, two things occur.

1) A person who signs in using Facebook doesn't register as logged in - the Navbar still shows "Login"

2) I added an avatar so users can show their profile picture. While a regular devise user can added it without a problem. Someone who logs in with Facebook doesn't have their image displayed.

Any help that you guys can give me would be so amazing, I feel like the issue might be in my user.rb file. I have listed below all my relevant code and my github url. Thank you again :)


Posted in Repost / Retweet / Reblog Discussion

Thanks Chris!! Would love to see the follow and following relationship added to this in the future too

Posted in Group Chat with ActionCable: Part 3 Discussion


Would it be possible to have one on Map APIs like mapbox or google maps api please :)


Posted in Improving In-App Notifications Discussion

Chris thank you for the video - I'm a new developer so I just wanted to test the waters by cloning your source code and seeing if it will run in heroku. While the styling runs and I'm able able to post new threads > the notification system is not appearing. If you can help me out would be amazing