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Hi, so i'm running WSL2, and install ruby with rbenv. Running which ruby yields the following:


So i put that in the Ruby or verion manager path in the JetBrains RubyMine IDE, then throws the following exception.

Could not get RubyGems environment for Remote: ruby-2.7.0-p0: ver.2.7.0p0 ( revision 647ee6f091) p0 (wsl://UBUNTU1804/home/tensai/.rbenv/shims/ruby)

Any idea why? and how to fix it?
Thanks in advance

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Hi, im using Windows 10 with the WSL, and im trying to set the Ruby Interpreter in RubyMine to the one i install using Chirs guide, using the following route /home/tensai/.rbenv/shims/ruby, the problem is that when it starts to Loading the Enviorment throws a Communication Error?

Can anyone tell how i can properly set my RubyMine to use the ruby install in WSL? using rbenv as the version manager.

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Hi Chris, great episode. I posted a question about ActiveStorage but I have not received any response yet. Basically what i want to do is upload images for a has_many_attached directly from a controller. Let's say that given a folder route, upload all images in that folder, i know how to get the images and all, but i don't now how to attacht all those images?

Thanks in advanced.

Hello guys. For learning purposes i am developing a MangaReader using Rails. Now i would like to be able to upload multiple chapters at once, so from a given route say "Downloads/chapters", and with the guarantee that the chapters will be named in a specific format.
I would like to run a method that for each folder in that route creates a chapter and upload all the images it contains. Now i now how to create the chapter and get the name and chapter number... from the file name, but using ActiveStorage i don't now how to manually upload all the images.

Any thoughts?

Hello Chris, I love your videos. I was wondering if there is an easy way to upload files manually using ActiveStorage since I can not find it in the documentation. Thanks in advanced.