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Thanks for sharing these steps for setting up Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) on Windows 10. For those looking to set up WSL on Windows 11, the process is quite similar.

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If you're still exploring ways to enhance your ecommerce store's online presence, you might want to consider strategies like international link building at https://vikinglinks.com/international-link-building-strategy/. It's a long-term approach to connect with a global audience and improve your online visibility.

Whether you've already made a decision or are still considering options, combining managed hosting with link building can be a powerful way to boost your ecommerce store's performance and reach, even as the years go by.

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It's great to see your forward-thinking approach to hosting for your ecommerce store, even after four years. Managed hosting like what Cloudways offers can be an excellent choice, providing that middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated servers.

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Thanks a lot for the info, guys.

Yes, it supports all Ruby versions

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That's awesome to hear! Rails does make hosting and deployment a breeze, right out of the box. No need for custom solutions. 👍🚀💻

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Hey there,

The error you're encountering, "SQLite3::SQLException: no such table: main.city_ids," suggests that there might be an issue with the database table name. Check if you're referencing the correct table name, which should be "cities" instead of "city_ids" in your code. Double-check your database schema and table names to make sure they match. 🛠️🗄️🔍

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Liked the quick tips

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Setting up a Docker swarm with Rails, Postgres, and Redis on DigitalOcean can be quite a task, and getting Action Cable to cooperate with Puma and Nginx can be tricky.

First, check your Action Cable configuration in your Rails app. Make sure your cable.yml file is correctly set up for production, specifying the correct URL.

Next, verify your Nginx config to ensure it's properly proxying WebSocket connections. Your Nginx setup should allow WebSocket connections and proxy them to your Rails app.

Also, double-check your SSL certificate setup with Let's Encrypt. Sometimes, certificate issues can interfere with WebSocket connections.

Lastly, inspect your server and Rails logs for any specific error messages related to WebSocket connections. This might give you more clues about what's going wrong.

Troubleshooting this kind of setup can be a bit of a maze, but with some patience and detailed investigation, you should be able to get those WebSocket connections up and running. 🐍🚢🔧

Hey Tommy, generating SEO-friendly URLs with filter combinations in Rails is a great idea for improving user experience and SEO ranking. You can achieve this using friendly_id gem or by customizing your routes and controllers. Also, you can buy seo traffic. I've done something similar for a project. I am happy to share some tips if needed!

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Hey there!. Just stumbled upon this oldy thread and wanted to chime in. If you're looking to add smart OCR to your ROR app, Smart Engines has some sick technology for automatic document scanning and OCR that could be worth checking out.