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Another vote for a screencast on input field formatting! I feel like I'm constantly looking for better ways to handle that.

Old post, but check out cloaking. Basically, you display something like a spinner or "loading..." graphic until the page data is available and then display the Vue components. Here's another post on the method:

The Backup gem is in "maintenance-only" phase now. Is there a newer suggested gem to replace this functionality with Rails projects?

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Awesome! Yes, please more videos. I'd love to use this in places where frameworks like Vue might be overkill. And I love anything that keeps me in Ruby/Rails land.

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Using the inline-template in this way is an interesting way to use ERB inside your Vue components, but is there a way to do that using the traditional single-file-component approach? Something along the lines of the rails-erb-loader to create ###.vue.erb files?

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Would you recommend using this method to test Vue in a Rails app?

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I'm running into an issue using Vue and Turbolinks where my page seems to load, but the Vue component doesn't fully render. My console log shows this error...

DOMException: Failed to set the 'outerHTML' property on 'Element': This element has no parent node.

This isn't on every page view, so it's difficult to debug. I noticed a comment earlier in the thread mentioning this error, but no other responses. Anyone come across this and have a solution or suggestion?


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I'm getting this error, as well. Were you able to find a fix?

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I'm interested in Vue SSR with Rails, too. Did you guys have any luck with your approaches?

Hi Chris,
For more deeply nested forms, would you recommend using something like JBuilder to properly format the JSON and pass it to Vue?
Thanks for the great vids! I'd love to see more Vue with Rails videos. I'm loving the framework.
This is a great series, Chris. Very helpful. It would be great if you could do a tutorial that uses Vue inside 'form_for' or 'form_with'. Most of the Vue Rails form tutorials out there use a basic HTML form and I'd love to drop Vue into small areas of the form without overhauling everything.
I believe he goes over that in Part 1 of the series.

Is this a scenario where a Vagrant or Docker development environment would be a good fit? So that I could run the same version of Linux and then keep the versions of everything exactly the same as they are in production initially?

I saw your Vagrant guide and thought that might be just what I need.

Thanks again.

Would you recommend keeping the dev environment as similar as possble to the current production environment to avoid errors or would it be better to try and upgrade to newer versions of Rails, etc? I'm having trouble currently trying to keep everything locally in sync with the production versions (the production Ruby version doesn't work with my OSX version, etc).

Thanks, Chris!

This takes a few things I was thinking about and ties them all together nicely.

I'm working with a legacy Rails app (Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.2.8). The app only exists in production. There isn't a development environmnt or repo I can use to setup my dev environment. I'm on an OSX 10.13 machine and I've installed Ruby 2.1.0 and Rails 3.2.8 (farthest back I could go without installation errors). Now I'm having trouble getting the files into the proper place and starting the Rails server.

Does anyone have any tips or a step-by-step guide location for this type of situation?