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Thanks will try over the weekend and get back if any doubts. 
Hey all, 

I've seen websites where you place some Javascript code - and they are able to display information from another website on their website. Wondering how I can do the same? I have a page which displays a map of a user with some other details. Any idea how I can embed this same page on an external website which shows the same map?



Posted in How do I put a live time(seconds) counter on a page?

As in it should go 00:00 .. 00:05.. 00.49 ..15:55 to whatever. 
Wondering how to do this on the front-end.

Should I just use jquery? Or something else? 
Any suggestions?



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Very useful feature this is. Thanks for sharing. Also discovered 'any?' in this episode - I;ve always been using present? to check - but Googled this and it says .any? is faster. So learnt about that too :) Thanks!

Posted in Direct File Uploads to S3: Part 2 Discussion

This is working well but for some uploads - I am getting an error saying 'This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.' -- Its only happening on some URLs and not all. Anyone has suggestions for this?

Posted in How do you charge for building web app projects?

Hey Chris.. Thanks.. Yep, the wireframing part is a lot of back and forth with the client.. But that helps in properly defining whats needed and in most cases prevent scope creep.. I do work with a designer for the look & feel stages - so that helps.

The proof of concept is something i'm trying too.. As in instead of building the whole thing - we build out an important small part in 2 weeks or so.. And I charge for that. And it helps in seeing if the client and me are a good fit.

Interested in hearing more about your daily/weekly pricing if you still remember about them. Not the amount - but how you went about it.

I think just putting a figure on how much i'm worth internally (or how much I want to make every month) has helped the most in taking on more projects and looking after my time.

Posted in How do you charge for building web app projects?

Hey all.. Just needed some advice/suggestions on how to charge for building a web app. Would be great to hear how you (freelancer or agencies) charge for projects? Do you breakdown into front end + backend or something more? Or have you found another way to do this.

Right now, this is the process I am following.
(Ideas -> Wireframes -> Design -> Slicing -> Build)

Ideas -> Wireframes :
THis is basically done at the initial discussion staget to get all their ideas onto paper (before starting the project). Helps me understand the scope of the project and what actually needs to be built. ROugh wireframes.
Once this is done I can set a cost for the front-end (Design / Slicing) and the backend (Build)

Wireframes -> Design -> Slicing - $XYZ in 10 days.
At this stage we get the layouts, the colours, the look and feel sorted. End product is HTML/CSS/JS.

Build -$ABC in 20 days.
This is using Ruby and Rails to actually build the app.

Total cost = $XYZ + $ABC in 30 days.

Both XYZ and ABC are not dependent on hourly rate or anything. I basically try to figure what the clients budget is in the beginning, and pitch the total cost to somehwere around that figure.

I'm trying to stay away from the 'hourly' rate card and also trying to prevent scope creep from happening. The wireframes in the beginning help me do this to a large extent. Just interested to hear how other people are doing this with their clients?

Will be great to hear your insights.



Posted in Integrating a blog within a Rails app.

Hey all!

Any suggestions on the better blogging templates to integrate in a rails app? This is for a client - who lacks dev skills, so something easy for them to update posts etc from the backend.

Was just wondering if anyone here has done this - and which they recommend?



Posted in Looking for Rails work? / Hiring Rails developers?

Seeking Freelancer (remote via Skype)
I need help accessing the **GOogle Adwords API + Google Analytics API
.. Been trying to learn this on my own, but am stuck and not really getting anywhere. With the Google Adwords API, I am able to retrieve campaign details via the console, but I am doing something wrong while accessing it via the app.

Was hoping that someone here has used these APIs before and can show me how to do the same. Will pay for your time, and it can be done online. It'll greatly help if I can see how someone experienced with this, goes about it.

Let me know.. You can reply here - or my email is



Very helpful Chris! Learnt a lot in this 20 minutes session.. Thank you!

Hey! Just looking to learn how APIs work - and how I can access the Google Adwords & the Google Analytics APIs to get data from them and create custom reports for a client. New to APIs - so just trying to get a basic undesratanding on how it works.

Any suggestions for good tutorials on this?

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