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Thank you Chris. Thank you very much for all your work.

thank you. i fixed it :)

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in my app around_action yields no html view somehow.

+1 for guidence request as well.

I also have this issue: on the multi step form, based on the answer they receive in step1, step 2 form fields will be different, etc. I guess i will give a shot at doing this via hotwire if i can't find any solution

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Hi, i am also looking for similar multistep form. hotwire lesson on this topic would be amazing

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great work, thanks!

Will there be a follow up episode on email confirmations(you actually started it on user model), remember me function, or auth via github/gmail etc following these methods? Looking forward to have them. cheers

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i am on rails 7.1.beta and when i run bin/dev i get this error on console:

15:41:20 js.1 | exited with code 0
15:41:20 system | sending SIGTERM to all processes
15:41:20 css.1 | exited with code

but rails server command works. any idea why?

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i don't know why, but even if I am running bin/dev my css doesn't precompile automatically. i had to manually run rails db:precompile to see changes

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this on was confusing to me indeed. i was not able to follow, why we do what we do in each refactoring.
thanks, i will rewatch this