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Posted in Improving the URL Shortener Design Discussion

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I appreciate it.

Posted in Improving the URL Shortener Design Discussion

Hello Chris and ROR developers, Why I need to add **kwargs and what is doing ??

def favicon_image_tag(domain, **kwargs)
image_tag google_favicon_url(domain), **kwargs

Posted in Views Chart for Links Discussion

hello, i dont have any problem , suggest you do what exactli chris did

Posted in Short URL Link Redirects Discussion

Hi Chris and ROR developers, at min: 3 you put, data: {turbo: false}, and said that was to navigate to an external link, I didn't put that, and also works, maybe something in security that I am doing wrong if I don't put that?

Posted in Base62 Encoding Short Codes Discussion

In my case works as expected, so compare again as suggested by Chris or maybe check ruby or rails version

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x2 Until now the most difficult tutorial (I am doing the learning path) and with a lot of errors from Cris, I could finish it but it took me 5 hours to follow the tutorial and at the end, I felt confused too.
Maybe it is a good idea to do this tutorial again ...

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Hey me from future, I tried to delete this question but I can not, the problem of course was me, the code I had to write is this :

def destroy
@password.user_passwords.where(user_id: params[:id]).destroy_all
redirect_to @password

after his everything works well

Posted in Sharing Passwords Between Users Discussion

Hello ROR developers, anyone facing a error when try to delete a user that you share a password ?
----------- code
def destroy
@password = current_user.passwords.find(params[:password_id]).destroy_all
redirect_to @password
---------------- error
undefined method `destroy_all'

Hey there I am Diego from the future, my problem was I use a image with SVG format, I don't go deep in the problem but apparently there are some image formats that don't work well I change to jpg and work as expected.

Hello Chris and rails developers, for sure that was the most challenging part of this series of tutorials, In my case everything work as was explained but in production when I use render The image is uploaded but I can not see it. Maybe any idea about this problem.

Posted in Classes & Objects in Ruby Discussion

Thanks for the videos and waiting for the next one

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