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So nice ! Thanks

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Thanks for the eposide.
I don't understand why there is a need to say :digitalocean) (last line in code)
Shouldn't the provider be encoded only by the object passed to the perform method ?

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Thanks, great and really interesting episode  (as always...) !
I have two questions: 
1) What do you think about turning the Server::SSH class into a module, and mixing it in into the two other sever classes (instead of using inheritance).
2) Using service objects to do stuff is a similar technique right ?


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Thanks. Great Episode !
I have one remark though: Is it really a good idea to use the view context in the decorator, for creating things like html tags ? Doesn't this create a coupling of the decorator with the view format? I mean you this way, you will need a different decorator for xml or json views (which do not use content_tag helpers etc...)

Great episode! Thanks.
I think that in the delegate statement shown (at around 19:50), the suffix 'to: customer' is missing.