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Hotwire is not a replacement for Webpacker but there are other gems which could replace webpacker in your project, depending on how you're using it.

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Devise is waiting on the Responders gem to update before having something standard. It pains me, but I've just disabled turbo on devise forms until there's something standard in a released version.

I still don't know what the problem was but I've followed this comment and got rid of the customizations and rendering a 422 is now working, but rendering a redirect is not.

I've matched what's in and I'm still not getting 422 Unprocessable Entity's rendered. When submitting an erroneous register form, the server renders the page with the form errors but the client just sits and does nothing. I've inserted a pry into the parent controller and I know that's working well. I've matched versions to "@hotwired/turbo-rails": "7.0.0-beta.3". I'm not sure where the error is or what next to check.

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Answering my own question here - the opts or args splat is not for random additional information in devise mail methods, it's specifically for headers.

Setting up a custom invitation email with more information is how to do it. You can modify the invite! method by passing a block. For example:

user.invite! do |user|
  user.skip_invitation = true
# NOTE We must use deliver_now to not leak invitation token to Redis
CustomMailer.custom_mail_method(user, project_name).deliver_now

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I'm wondering the same thing. There's a bunch of answers out there but none of them seem to leverage the built-in args* on invite!. I can see the options being passed into sidekiq but I'm not sure how to access them in the template.

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There's no turbolinks 4 :P

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*shudder*.. "automagically"

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