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Posted in Inviting Users with devise_invitable Discussion

Answering my own question here - the opts or args splat is not for random additional information in devise mail methods, it's specifically for headers.

Setting up a custom invitation email with more information is how to do it. You can modify the invite! method by passing a block. For example:

user.invite! do |user|
  user.skip_invitation = true
# NOTE We must use deliver_now to not leak invitation token to Redis
CustomMailer.custom_mail_method(user, project_name).deliver_now

Posted in Inviting Users with devise_invitable Discussion

I'm wondering the same thing. There's a bunch of answers out there but none of them seem to leverage the built-in args* on invite!. I can see the options being passed into sidekiq but I'm not sure how to access them in the template.

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There's no turbolinks 4 :P

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*shudder*.. "automagically"

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