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I guess you're right. It's all there in the site.

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I want to learn how to build a CMS or at least a blog engine with Rails.

I think that would be awesome to have a full course on something, especially for
beginners like me.

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I had to change the coffee-script version in the Gemfile.lockfile to 1.12.2 to get bundle install to work.

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This is a good one I did

@Chris, yes. That's a great idea!

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I think any CRUD application would be suffient?
Maybe a movie rating app or a dating app?

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Maybe a yelp clone with TDD using Mocha and Chai or Jest?

That's the first thing off the top of my head. I'd love to see the whole process, using postgresql or MongoDB?

Easier said then done but thanks for taking it into consideration :)

I've been using ReactJS and Redux with a JS stack, MERN. MongoDB, Express, React, NodeJS but would love to see a series, tutorial using Ruby, maybe the Rails API gem or Grape.

This is cool, thanks so much for sharing

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I'd love to see a series on a real world app using ReactJS with Rails API.