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So does that mean that you are good if the app runs a place update each month? If so, for smaller apps, you are golden. The Mapbox API might be a good alternative.

Overall, thanks Chris for offering this look into how to use Google's API with rails. I haven't seen anyone put something like this together in a while.

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Thanks Max!

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Thanks for showing this. I can see how file uploads can be easier. If I want to have the interface and UX of the dashboard, how do I incorporate that? For example, I like the camera option shown in the uppy demo..

Hi Corey,

I know it's been months, but here's some info in video and code:

If you have the S3 part of the puzzle, please let me know.


Wait, that might not work well.

I just notices a rails helper method for escaping the html on show.html.erb, :html_escape


helper.send(:html_escape, 'is a > 0 & a < 10?')

It might be easier.

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Quick question: If I have my rails app publicly shared on github, and my S3 bucket is in storage.yml, does that mean that even though no one can see my credentails, can they still use them to access and/or change the contents of the bucket?

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Thanks for the insight Chris. It took me a while to wrap my head around this one.

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Neat CLI trick: mv app/javascript/controllers/{hello,nested_form}_controller.js to rename the file.

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This episode is super helpful.