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Hi I'm trying to follow Chris's Recurring events tutorial and I'm coming across this error message...

NoMethodError in EventsController#index

undefined method `has_key?' for "null":String

Extracted source (around line #15):
  def rule
    IceCube::Rule.from_hash recurring

  def schedule(start)

Has anyone encountered this and happen to know the fix?  (I know the gem and video are pretty old but everything seemed to be working well up to this point).


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I'm getting the same issue...but only on the editCard method.  The save button is now updating the card name via rails, but it doesn't immediately display in the browser via Vue.  (Only upon refresh is the updated card name shown).  Any ideas Chris?  thanks!

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@Filip/Chris - is there an update on that rails-ujs issue?  The new rails-ujs version doesn't seem to solve this (I, like Brenden, still have to include that 'beforeSend: function() { return true } ' line you mentioned in your comment...thanks,

Ah nice! - you da man...I'll watch it tonight. Much appreciated...

Hi Chris - that would be an awesome addition to this search tutorial...(a global search using typeahead.js / searchkick that spans across 2 or 3 models). I'm trying to do this in an app of mine and am hitting a lot of snags. Will you be getting to this anytime soon? much appreciated...

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Chris, any chance you could follow this episode up at some point and build the full drop down functionality like you did in the previous notification episodes???