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Posted in Debugging With BetterErrors Discussion

When Rails 5 came out Better Errors was incompatible. Not sure if works with Rails 5 now. But anyway I began using the web-console gem in the development environment instead and it's actually better. It provides the same IRB console when you get an error but you can also insert the console anywhere in your app by adding 'console' in the controller action or <%= console %> in the view. And you don't need to also install binding_of_caller.

Posted in Group Chat with ActionCable: Part 7 Discussion

Great series. The best on ActionCable I've seen so far and I've been trying to learn it for a couple of weeks.

Thanks. I watched it. Very interesting. Now you gave me a new stretch goal. Be able to fix bugs in other people's gems. Now that's what I would say moves you from intermediate skill level to advanced. I'm not there by any means but this Mailboxer gem is a key feature in my app so if I was going to do it, this would be the gem. It's a lot more complex than paranoia though, at least in it's file structure and number of lines of code.

This motivated me to learn how gems work. Ruby Gems has a tutorial on making a gem. Rails does too in Rails Guides - Plugins. It took some time making my own basic ones and poking around in the Mailboxer and other gems to start to get a feel for it. But now that I'm starting to get it, it's a huge step forward. Gems were always a magical black box for me that worked but I had no idea how. Now I can open them up and understand them. Thanks.

Posted in In-App Messages Between Users Discussion

Version 0.14.0 was released in July 2016 so there is at least 1 newer version since this tutorial was created... so using gem 'mailboxer' instead of the github version was fine for me.

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