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Posted in Use .ENV instead of Secrets.yml for keys

Hi Chris I'm upgrading an old app starting on 5.2. For some reason secrets file is not reading the .env variables so I had to hardcode it for development. But what about production as we are using Heroku and we use env for it. the <%= ENV["AWS_SECRET_KEY"] %> is not getting read by shrine. Thank you.

Posted in Recurring events with the ice_cube gem Discussion

Hi, Emma you need to first check that the script is running and that turbolinks is not blocking the recurring event. I use google chrome and the dev terminal to see if its running, there's different ways to check.

Quick question before starting this process. How can you approach this for multi tenant app with apartment gem? Has you use different DBs for the tables. Thank in advance.

Posted in Building A Hosting Platform in Ruby Discussion

Im looking for the same. I like to get out of heroku and move to DO/AWS

Posted in Debugging: How to Interpret a Stacktrace Discussion

catching up with the episodes. love this topic.

Posted in Recurring Select Accepts "Null" As a Valid Rule

this work for me

Posted in Recurring Select Accepts "Null" As a Valid Rule

having the same problem

Posted in Rails & Vue.js Trello Clone - Part 2 Discussion

Wow a lot to process nice. Will keep a eye on this as I like to move to more frontend stuff. Thank you Chris

Posted in Rails & Vue.js Trello Clone - Part 1 Discussion

Great ep. Chris

Posted in How to migrate from Heroku to Digital Ocean

@malav I haven't at the moment we are upgrading to rails 5 so until we finish no migration. :)

Posted in Allow with my ISP router

Thank you Jacob the change fix the issue

Posted in Allow with my ISP router

but that wont let me use the wildcard subdomains

Posted in Allow with my ISP router


Posted in Allow with my ISP router

my problem is the ISP.

Posted in Allow with my ISP router

I made a test and use my phone hotspot and I can use the with no problem.

So ill will follow your comments and let you know what happen

Posted in Allow with my ISP router

No is in the same computer.

Posted in Allow with my ISP router

Hi, so I got a new ISP and when I try to use the I get’s server DNS address could not be found. I have no Idea what to setup in the ISP router to let the use the correct IP

If any one knows how to allow access to the localhost IP with the

Thank you.

Posted in Issues with paperclip gem on Windows 8

Is very hard to use win with rails. You better move to linux or OS so you dont get so much headache.

Hi so Im upgrading my rails 4 app to rails 5.
I have a link with foo _path(params.merge(format: "pdf")) Im getting the non-sanitized error.
Im looking for the correct way of permiting the this params.
Thank you.

Posted in Form ajax upload to s3

Hi!, So I have a form that was using ajax to post the data to the server, then I add it a img file and the process was taking to long so now I want to do direct upload to s3.

I setup the :

  • aws
  • cors
  • form
  • ajax
  • presigned_post

Im getting this error Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin'. I think that my persigned data its not passing correct on the ajax.

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