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Posted in How do I use Devise in normal AND API mode

Hi guys,
I want to use Devise for creating users with mobile app via REST API but I also want use it in classic fashion.
So in API I want to return JSON and appropriate HTTP codes. Also I want to issue JWT token for authentication for mobile app.
On web I want normal devise functionality.
How I should structure controllers, router and other stuff? I cant find any good resources about this.
Thank you guys.

Hi, It is a good idea to send a bunch of SMS messages after create action?
It will be better to put it in background job wouldn't?
Like with batch emails.

This is gold! Great video.
I have two questions.
Is there a way, for better SEO, to move filter params to URL?
Instead of /televisions?brand=Brick to /televisions/brand/brick ?
And second question, how to handle multiple values for attribute?
For example, if I have a color attribute for a television and the tv comes in three colors options 'Black', 'White' and 'Silver'.
Should I make three different televisions or save it as array? Or make another table or use something like hstore?
What is the best approach and how to use this filter with it?

Posted in Interface Segregation Principle Discussion

I like how this serie changing my point of view. 

Posted in Vue.js Components in Rails Views Discussion

Nice video. What about Vue state managment in Rails. When one Vue component mess with state of another Vue component?

Posted in Vue.js Trello Clone in Rails - Part 7 Discussion

Great course! I want to see something about routing with Vue. In original Trello application when you click on card the url change.
Would be awesome if you cover the Rails 5.2 features, mainly Active Storage and https://github.com/stimulus...

Posted in Vue.js Trello Clone in Rails - Part 5 Discussion

I will try flexbox instead. It is 2018 =)
Maybe something like this https://codepen.io/jaahoo/p...

Posted in How do I do multiparameter filter

I have some sort of e-shop. I have Category model and Product model. Product has some parameters like color, material, price etc.
My question is what approach to use to filter by these parameters and categories.
Best way to include url too to be SEO friendly. Example:
Is there some gem? Or what do you use?

Posted in Manage Assets With Rails Assets Discussion

Hi I am trying Rails Assets but I approach to a problem. I included Bourbon but when I tried use any mixin Rails told me that mixin is undefined. What to do?

Posted in File Uploads with Refile Discussion

It is Refile good for uploading video files? I need upload video files (not host them on youtube, vimeo, etc.) and maybe do some post production (format convert/generate, add watermark...).

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