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Posted in Tabs with Stimulus

(And hilarious accidentally just commented from my laptop, logged into a testing account).

Posted in Tabs with Stimulus

Haha! I don't want to admit, but I do that pretty regularly too switching between my laptop and desktop. 😅

Posted in Tabs with Stimulus

Hey Brian!

Looks like you've got some invalid HTML there. There's a closing tablerow tr tag, but no opening one and you're missing a closing div for the tabs.panel div?

Posted in Introduction to Stimulus Reflex Discussion

Stimulus Reflex is compatible with AnyCable. 👍

Posted in Tailwind - own components - yes or no?

Adam talks about this in one of the Tailwind videos. I'll let him explain it cuz he can do a better job than me.

Posted in Introduction to Stimulus Reflex Discussion

It looks like they're going to be releasing some improvements to Turbolinks and things soon (when they launch that are similar to this. Can't wait to see what they release.

Posted in How do I store audio files in production?

I would definitely recommend uploading with Shrine directly to S3 and then serving the files up through Cloudfront CDN. That way the downloads will be quick as possible which is what you want when streaming.

If you can, you could certainly just have hosting somewhere else like Anchor if they have a way to embed the episodes. It's nice if you can have someone else manage the RSS feed, file storage and serving. We host RemoteRuby on Transistor and I will probably just embed their player if I build a custom site for it at some point.

Posted in Introduction to Stimulus Reflex Discussion

It can with just a little extra code. We'll be covering that soon, but here's how you'd do it:

Posted in Sending Emails with SMTP and Sendgrid Discussion

Yep! Devise just uses whatever email host you have configured with Actionmailer.

Posted in Multiple Users with Devise

Yeah, I'd probably do an additional model. User has_one :student_profile and you can create that after they register or something.

You can always include the host: option in your url helpers, but I always forget which default_url_options it looks for when that error comes up.

I would think it would be the routes default_url_options.

Posted in Deploy with problems

Hey Cristian,

On Dreamhost, you'll need to figure out how to run with RAILS_ENV=production so it will use the production entry in config/database.yml and so on.

If it's a VPS server you're using on Dreamhost, try this guide to get you setup:

Posted in [SOLVED] Decrypt S/MIME 'file.xml.p7m' with OpenSSL

Awesome, thanks for posting your solution. I'm sure at some point when I need to use OpenSSL directly, this will come in handy!

Posted in Problem installing Capistrano

Strange, maybe try bundle exec cap install STAGES=production?

Posted in Pro

Hey Ricardo,

Sure, you'd just sign up for the monthly plan and cancel in 3 months. 👍

Posted in Group Chat with ActionCable: Part 6 Discussion

I'm going to update this series for Rails 6 really soon. Basically you just need to use a Javascript import to import the channel from if you're calling it from another file.

Posted in Introduction to Stimulus Reflex Discussion

Yep! I've got some fixes incoming for that. I just didn't have a better SVG to work with for the check at the moment and I wanted to ship what I've got.

Posted in Introduction to Stimulus Reflex Discussion

Yep, of course. Anything you can do server-side you can use here.

Posted in Introduction to Stimulus Reflex Discussion

I agree! Just didn't have a better SVG to work with at the moment. Also going to add some tooltips.

Posted in [SOLVED] Decrypt S/MIME 'file.xml.p7m' with OpenSSL

I haven't used it, but I would ask for some help on the GitHub issues.

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