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You're welcome and thanks for watching Terry!

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You're fine! And no, you shouldn't put your real password in there if it's public.

If you want to make it interactive, you can use gets to ask the user for their password when the seeds script runs so there are no passwords hardcoded in the file.

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It is used once to create your account. Only you can run it. It is perfectly safe. You will change your password after logging in so it isn't the default.

You can use host! "" to change the host for a test. 👍

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We're not overriding it. Rails is only going to call one method in the controller when an HTTP request comes in. We're just using the same variable name because that's the object were working with.

It usually takes a couple months for them to edit all the videos and publish them to YouTube. Follow the Railsconf twitter account and I'm sure they will tweet when they're live.

Yes, it supports all Ruby versions because it uses ruby-build underneath.

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You can. Check out the ActiveStorage guide for variants.

This should be fixed!

We will have more available soon. 👍

Some of the advanced ones later on will be paid but most will be free.

Advice from the author himself! Thanks Domizio!

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We recommend ASDF instead because it supports other programming languages, like Ruby, Node.js, Python, etc. This is important because Rails applications will often need Node as their JavaScript gets more complicated.

It also uses .ruby-version and .node-version files just like the other language managers.

Plus, it's simpler than RVM the which requires a deeper shell integration.

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You sure can do that. I would have each file register the function itself and all you'd need to is require those files.

Disabling Turbo is the right solution for any oauth links that redirect externally.

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Just re-assign it to the variant?

record.update(image: record.image.variant(...))

A flash message is set for the next full HTTP request. A turbo stream response is only a partial update to the existing page, so you would need to add a turbo stream to inject a flash message if you wanted to keep that.

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You're welcome and thanks for watching! Hope it helps you solve problems in the future. 👍

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Excellent! That stuff has always been poorly documented, so I'm glad we could help!

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Glad you enjoyed it Michael! We will have to do more episodes like this. 💪

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