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Where does esbuild acknowledge this issue?

That is a great idea. I will definitely do that. 👍

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This is a great addition to Rails. It makes partials feel a lot like calling methods with required and optional arguments.

Posted in Will there be a Black Friday 2023 Sale?

Yes, we will. It should go live on Thursday. 👍

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No, top level under app is not namespaced. Same reason why app/models/users doesn't get wrapped in a Models module.

ActionText::ContentHelper.sanitizer.class.allowed_tags += %w[iframe script blockquote time]
ActionText::ContentHelper.sanitizer.class.allowed_attributes += ["data-id", "data-flickr-embed", "target"]

Love seeing the internals of Rails features and learning just how simple they are. 👍

Yes! We will absolutely be adding a section (or two) on JavaScript in the Learning Path!

Posted in Strict Loading with ActiveRecord Discussion

Nice to be able to remove dependencies like the Bullet gem and do this all in Rails!

Once you have the row as a Ruby hash, you can use transform_keys to modify the keys and renaming the CSV headers (keys) to the name you want.

The column is computed on select and not on insert/update.

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Using method(:method_name) and method(:method_name).super_method can be incredibly handy for debugging. 🔥

A superpower if you will. 😜

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This is handy especially for things like notifications where you need to queue up many separate jobs at once.

DHH's keynote went up on YouTube this morning, so it shouldn't be too long!

Posted in Rails 7.1 Authentication From Scratch Discussion

Devise will always get security updates applied automatically, so it's generally a good idea to still use it unless you're regularly doing security testing against your application.

Posted in Wrapping Up Our URL Shortener Discussion

Congrats to everyone who has made it this far! The URL shortener was a great little project and I'm sure there's lots more improvements you can add to it.

What did you think of this project?

Posted in Health Check Endpoint in Rails 7.1 Discussion

This is fantastic to have out of the box in Rails. Hosting can now have a place to look and we don't have to do anything custom. 👍

As long as the tokens expire, are one-time use, and the user's email isn't compromised it should be fine. You'll still want to support 2FA through another mechanism for more security.

I much prefer email/password login so I can use a password manager.

Great episode Collin! The authenticate_by method really is a bug piece of making secure authentication from scratch in Rails. These are nuances that are important (and already done in Devise), so it's nice to see they're easier than ever in Rails.

Posted in Base62 Encoding Short Codes Discussion

Sounds like you have a bug somewhere. Have you compared your code to the repository?

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