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Hey Ricardo,

Sure, you'd just sign up for the monthly plan and cancel in 3 months. 👍

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I'm going to update this series for Rails 6 really soon. Basically you just need to use a Javascript import to import the channel from if you're calling it from another file.

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Yep! I've got some fixes incoming for that. I just didn't have a better SVG to work with for the check at the moment and I wanted to ship what I've got.

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Yep, of course. Anything you can do server-side you can use here.

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I agree! Just didn't have a better SVG to work with at the moment. Also going to add some tooltips.

Posted in [SOLVED] Decrypt S/MIME 'file.xml.p7m' with OpenSSL

I haven't used it, but I would ask for some help on the GitHub issues.

Posted in [SOLVED] Decrypt S/MIME 'file.xml.p7m' with OpenSSL

There's a Ruby package for OpenSSL you can use so you don't have to run shell commands.

Devise has an user.update_without_password(params) method you can use. Might do what you need.

The defaults are also manipulated by the load_defaults method which can tell Rails to use the defaults from a specific version of Rails. Could be something with that maybe, I'm not sure.

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Hey Rajan, no plans currently. Mostly for a static template you would just extract out the layout into application.html.erb and then replace static portions with ERB code to make them render what's in the database. Nothing too special.

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You also have a triple ... which may be a typo and you meant ..

In the asset pipeline, you have to reference files using the asset helpers so they can be found in production. You would do image-url('bgimage.jpg')

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Thanks guys!

@Matthias, the main reason to move away from Bootstrap is that while it's good to get something up quick, it's really hard to undo all their styles to build something custom with it. At a certain point you might as well build it from scratch. Since Tailwind works in reverse, you can implement virtually any design without having to write custom CSS which is nice. Check out Adam Wathan's videos on YouTube where he re-implements several popular sites like Coinbase in like an hour with Tailwind. Really great tool if you want to implement your own designs. TailwindUI is great for kind of bridging the gap between Bootstrap and Tailwind. That's what I used here.

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It took me several weeks to redesign everything and it was a TON of work. The main chunk of work was moving from Bootstrap to TailwindCSS and that's quite a lot of effort because you have to rewrite basically every line of HTML and re-implement all the Javascript functionality for modals, tabs, etc. It's finally complete enough to launch, so I'm super excited! 🙌

If there's anything I missed, please let me know!

Probably need to find an alternative gem or approach since Draftsman isn't being maintained anymore.

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Yep, although it's a bit tricky. You would probably want to do this in ruby, and loop through each notification to see if the next one is the same as the last and then you can build up those into a group to display.

Been thinking about covering this at some point, but haven't gotten to it yet.

Rails will always use fingerprinted files in production, nothing fancy there. You just need to make sure the URL it's looking for matches a file in your current deployment directory on the server.

Does the route the browser is looking for match the filename assets/application-af01d6a4cd32bfcf9b8c41fa5fd1f1501cba6e3953ea8ff518309d0b7a8614c9.css

Those files are served up directly through NGINX, not Rails, so that's where you'd want to be looking.

Posted in Group Chat with ActionCable: Part 7 Discussion

Update to this series is in the works. :)

Posted in I tried to align this TEXT center.

Flexbox makes centering things vertically and horizontally really easy. I reference the TailwindCSS docs regularly for that.

Devise hashes passwords and stores them using bcrypt by default. Looks like that may be replaced with clearance_sha1.

That's stored in the encrypted_password column in the database table. If you implement the same hashing algorithm, you can validate them against that column.

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