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Devise hashes passwords and stores them using bcrypt by default. Looks like that may be replaced with clearance_sha1.

That's stored in the encrypted_password column in the database table. If you implement the same hashing algorithm, you can validate them against that column.

Hey Craig!

Check out this episode on Rails credentials. This is what I strongly recommend as all your credentials are easily organized and encrypted. Then in production you only have to set RAILS_MASTER_KEY to decrypt the file. Much easier to manage this way.

Posted in Direct File Uploads to S3: Part 3 Discussion

I haven't done direct uploads with Shrine v3 yet, but that's on my todolist.

Posted in How do I properly use the delegate method?

Exactly. And if you need to rename it or make it more complex, delegate can still let you call even though it might delegate through a few objects if you had to add like approvals or some other model in the mix that made things more complex.

Posted in How do I properly use the delegate method?

Yep, that could be a good use case. I use it frequently for things like that. It's not really any different than saying reservation.customer&.name though with the new Ruby safe operator. It's basically doing that for you in the delegate method, but delegate will let you say instead of having to know the customer lives in between.

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Hey Christopher,

path helpers like profile_path are not methods on the User model. You can use <%= link_to "Profile", profile_path %> in your view to link to a route that matches that name.

The Rails guides would be a good place to read through how they work:

This doesn't (and shouldn't) have anything to do with your database. The error makes it look like that because you were trying to call a method on a database object.

Posted in Devise Masquerade as another User Discussion

Depends on how you're doing authentication. If you're using session cookies, it'll work out of the box. Otherwise you'll need to build your own mechanism that works similarly.

Yup. It's actually going to be faster than querying your database because Redis is all in-memory.

It sounds like they more or less don't want you downloading all their data and creating your own copy. That's their way of enforcing it. There are several good alternatives that might have better licensing.

Great idea!

Sure could. Just install the views, swap the header code with your dropdown, have it navigate after you select with Javascript and that should be good to go.

Posted in User Referral Program From Scratch Discussion

Only one referrer will get credit, typically that's the last referrer. That's how basically all referral programs work.

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It probably wouldn't hurt upgrading to the latest version of mysql2:

If your app has a .ruby-version file, then it will use the Ruby version in that file for the project.

Actually, think I spotted your error. You're not using ERB for rendering the link.

<a class="nav-link" href="pages_about_path">About</a>

That should be:

<%= link_to "About", pages_about_path, class: "nav-link" %>

pages_about_path is a helper in Rails to generate the string /pages/about for your route. You need to use ERB to make sure it runs that code and outputs href="/pages/about" instead of outputting the raw string of href="pages_about_path".

Hey Alfred,

Can you post your actual error?

Posted in Security Hardening Servers with Fail2Ban Discussion

Not by default, it's too easy for people to lock themselves out if they aren't familiar with using SSH. We definitely encourage you to install it if you want. 👍

Posted in Recurring events with the ice_cube gem Discussion

Yeah, there's not a real easy way when the schedules are dynamically generated.

Posted in foreman issues

If you read the Foreman README, they recommend you don't put it in your Gemfile. Just gem install foreman globally.

That would come from a has_may :authors association. ActiveRecord knows how to handle those associations through those methods.

It's documented here as collection_singular_ids

You can't save street to the Patient model if you don't have have a column with that name.

You said you were using a separate table to store the addresses, so you would need to use a nested form to fill out Patient and Address details at the same time.

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