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I'm just curious if these types of situations are ones that Gitlab would utilize STI, or how would the Gitlab dev team handle implementing a feature like this?

We still have some models leveraging STI. Ci::Build for example is one of them. Given our growth and the complexity this brings we just decided to stop using this pattern.

Depending on your context and how much data you're dealing with, it might makes sense to continue using this pattern for your case.

Thanks Chris, It's funny that we just stopped using this design pattern at Gitlab

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TIL thank Chris,

Gitlab is using a similar technique to handle migration versions 👇

Thanks for the video!

Don't forget to also add unique constraints at the database level to make sure an Account can only have one shipping and one billing address.

Great finding Chris 👍

Let's see what DHH think about 😁

Thanks for your this great video @excid3:disqus . I advise people to use Algolia if they want to use a database search

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Yeah I think you're right, the better one is the automatic marked when the episode is fully watched.

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It's been a few months I follow you Chris and I'd like to say thank you for all what you've done.

I often watch your episodes and a question got out of my mind, so I have to ask.

What do you think if it was possible to mark watched episodes, as a member of GoRails ?
Because you have almost 90 episodes and it would be easier to see which episodes we have already seen.

It's just a suggestion that I wanna share with you.

Thanks again for all,

I love Chris